Code Enforcement Notice Season in the City of Tampa

Posted on: May 1st, 2017 by , 17,685 Comments

With Summer coming it will be Code Enforcement Notice season in the City of Tampa. Find out how we can help if you get one of these notices in the mail.

Getting a Code Enforcement Notice in the mail can be a stressful situation for a property owner. Especially if your out of town or recently inherited a property.

It doesn’t matter if the City now calls the department… City of Tampa Neighborhood Enhancement, a notice regarding a Code Enforcement Action involving your property can make a hot summer even worse.

Does is make sense to continue to spend money on taxes and landscaping when the market is this active? Our builder buyers can help with an offer at top dollar… and you can quickly forget about fines, hassles, and code enforcement notices from the City of Tampa because your lawn has gotten out of control.

Let us help. 813-784-4199.

Note: if you’re looking to report overgrown lawns, junk, or other code enforcement issues in your neighborhood… you can visit the City of Tampa Code Enforcement Customer Service at this link.


17,685 Responses

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