When a contract is canceled, or a sale fails to close…

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When a contract is canceled, or a sale fails to close…

It can be a challenging time to figure out what went wrong or what to do next if you’re looking to sell a teardown in South Tampa.

Believe it or not, when you decide to sell your South Tampa property you might be approached by ‘buyers’ or ‘investors’ who actually have no intention of taking possession of your property…

How does that happen? A popular strategy that real estate gurus currently teach involves getting a property under contract first and then finding an actual buyer for the property… this allows an investor with no actual money to attempt to make a profit by reselling your home without actually buying it.

Here’s how we helped a property owner sell a double lot after a ‘buyer’ repeatedly extended their contract… because they never found a real buyer for the family’s property.

If someone is actually completing due diligence… there are telltale signs of city inspections, surveys etc. If someone is wasting your time trying to find a buyer, sometimes it is time to move on and work with a trusted website like SouthTampaTeardowns.com. We’re a member of the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce and helped 30 families sell 42 lots last year to South Tampa Builders.

Proud Member of the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce

My name is Robert Wilson, and I’m the Director of Dirt at South Tampa Teardowns and EXIT Bayshore Realty. I’m not going to tell you that every contract that I do leads to a closing… sometimes contracts do get canceled.

However, one of the differences in working with me is that if something goes wrong, I have real relationships with 12 different builders in South Tampa. If your property isn’t a fit for one… it might still be a perfect for another buyer who will also pay cash, where you won’t have to worry about commissions, repairs or closing costs.

As we recently completed due diligence with one seller, we discovered that her property was in a very low lying area, and had other issues affecting what could be built on the site. While our first builder had to step aside, we quickly put the deal back together with another developer who was better equipped to build on her lot.

So if you’re currently concerned about a canceled contract, or making a decision regarding signing or extending a contract to sell an older, smaller home in South Tampa give me a call… my number is 813-784-4199. I can get you a fair offer for your South Tampa Property and you will pay ZERO for commissions, repairs, or closing costs. The offer you get from me will be for cash and direct from a buyer who will complete the due diligence and actually has the cash to close on your house, lot, or teardown.

If something goes wrong, I’ll work with you to quickly find a plan B where you can still get the house sold. If I don’t have a solution… I’ll tell you that too.

To find out more about how I helped so many families last year, or to request an offer today, visit SouthTampaTeardowns.com

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