Hearing from the Mayor Buckhorn and Meeting City Staff – Mayor’s Neighborhood University – Session 2 – #MNU9

Posted on: February 12th, 2018 by , No Comments

After getting a tour of Tampa’s neighborhoods during session 1 of Mayor’s Neighborhood University… the next step was getting introduced to the Mayor and city staff who will be leading our sessions throughout the next 6 months.

In his talk… Bob Buckhorn discusses the importance of relationships, our form of government, and the City of Tampa.

One of the relationships that we will be looking to grow over the next few weeks is with Jake Slater, Administrator of Neighborhood Empowerment, who oversees the code enforcement process in Tampa.

We will be hoping to learn more about Neighborhood Empowerment helps communities clean up abandoned properties… and how families who are challenged with code enforcement liens can often negotiate fines down to something manageable when selling a property.

You’ll hear more from Mr. Slater in an upcoming blog post.