Sold Lot #99 – Helping a Homeowner Sell a Teardown in 3 Weeks

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Helping a Homeowner Sell a Teardown in 3 Weeks

Since 2014, when we started helping homeowners sell small houses, lots, and teardowns to builders in South Tampa we’ve helped a lot of families.

In fact, we’ve been going through our records and it looks like we will be celebrating our 100th closed lot in just a few weeks… and today we helped family #70 sell lot #99 to a builder.

Helping Families with Coordinate Closings when Selling Property to a Builder and Buying their Next Home.

Every family has different challenges that we can help with at This particular seller got burned… thankfully not in a fire… but by an ‘investor’ who had promised to buy his property in the past, and simply didn’t show up when it was time to close.

He held off on selling for a while… and reached out to me when he had the opportunity to purchase another property. We needed to move fast… we closed in 3 weeks and coordinated the closing for 10AM so he could have funds available for his new home that he would purchase the same day at 3PM.

We really appreciate that the seller was nice enough to share his story about selling his South Tampa Teardown to one of our trusted builders here:

It’s a real pleasure to help property owners work through whatever challenges they might have in selling a property and come through with a fair offer from one of our South Tampa builder partners.

While genuine issues do come up in the due diligence and property inspection process, we do our best to partner with builders who will close when they say they will close…

Is it Time to Sell?

Is it time to sell your small house, lot, or teardown in South Tampa? Would you like a fair offer from a builder who will pay cash for the value of the land? Would you like an agreement where you won’t have to pay for commissions, repairs, or closing costs?

Give me a call… 813-784-4199… My name is Robert Wilson, and I’m the Director of Dirt with EXIT Bayshore Realty, and I run this website,

I’ll get you a fair offer… FAST… and you won’t have to worry about the hassles of listing, and endlessly showing the property.  Call me today… 813-784-4199… if I’m busy helping another family you can leave a message or request your offer online at

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