How to Find a Cash Buyer For Your South Tampa House

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You’ve decided you want to sell your house for cash in South Tampa. Now it’s time to find a builder who will pay cash for your property. I’m going to show you how to find a builder who would be a cash buyer for your South Tampa house.

In my previous articles, I talked about the benefits of selling your home a builder for cash. But do you really know how to find a builder who would be a cash buyer for your South Tampa house?

Guide for How To Find a Builder Buyer in South Tampa

how to find a cash buyer when selling a house

When looking for a buyer, always do an extensive search and find all options before making a decision. This will ensure that you will end up selling your house to people you actually trust.

Real buyers can be hard to find in a sea of potential offers. But you just have to know these tips and tricks on finding the safest and the best in the business.

Best websites on How To Find a Cash Buyer or Builder

The first thing most people do when trying to find a builder who might buy their lot or teardown is by using the ‘sell my house to a builder’ or the ‘sell my house South Tampa‘ keyword. With an online search on Google, Bing, or Duck Duck Go… you will see a combination of paid ads and organic search listings. We are excited that we rank high in organic searches for these and a number of other keywords due to our providing valuable content for readers.

Beyond search… where are some other sites you can find potential buyers?

websites on how to find a cash buyer


Although Craigslist often has a bad rep for being unsafe, it’s an incredible website when you want to find investors. And you CAN do it in a safe way.

BiggerPocket’s article on Finding Buyers on Craigslist offers a fantastic insight on everything you need to know about home investors on Craigslist.

In a short summary, the article explains that the best way is to search in the ‘real estate wanted’ section as well as post your own ad. It identifies two types of Craigslist’s investors – passive and aggressive. This is how to find a cash buyer fast.

And here’s how to find cash buyers on Craigslist’s effectively using the aggressive method:

  • Write down all house buyers, especially the ones looking for teardowns, and call them.
  • State what you kind of property looking to sell and give all necessary information.
  • Ask them if they represent a builder who would be directly placing an offer for the property.
  • Check with the local tax appraisers website and see if the company buying the house owns other properties in Hillsborough County.

How To Find a Cash Buyer: Other Sources

We’re not even close to being done yet. When it comes to real estate, some of the best opportunities can be missed due to focusing solely online. Here are a few ways to learn how to find a cash buyer in South Tampa without having to use the internet:

Tampa Bay Builders Association

TBBA might have some answers you are searching for. Think of it as a database of local builders –  find your builder who will pay cash for your property. It’s a fantastic way to get insight into the real estate business and ask all questions you might have.

Check out the ‘We Buy Houses’ signs

South Tampa has a lot of ‘we buy houses’ signs that have probably grabbed your attention before. But have you ever tried dialing the number and seeing what happens? When calling a potential buyer, they’ll be able to answer any questions you might have about their company and the entire house buying process in general. It’s the best way to establish a relationship quickly and effectively.

Ask A Local Real Estate Agent

My name is Robert Wilson, I’m the Director of Dirt with EXIT Bayshore Realty. I’ve already searched and networked into relationships with about a dozen different builders and investors who will pay cash for your property. When you get an offer from me… you won’t have to worry about cleaning, commissions, repairs, or closing costs. I’m also happy to have you just ask questions about the process of selling your property to a builder at 813-784-4199.

Word of mouth

talking about how to find a cash buyer

Have any of your neighbors sold to a builder recently… reach out to them and find out what their experience was like.

Always ask around – talk to your family, tell them to ask at their workplace or simply go to the locals in the area. If you know someone who has been living in South Tampa for a very long time, they will probably have a few stories about people who have sold their property to a builder or developer. And hey, you’ll also make some new friends along the way.

In this video… you’ll hear a great story about how we helped a local family sell their property.

We Buy Teardowns in South Tampa!

We know you have a lot of options if you are hoping to sell your property to a builder in South Tampa. We want to be the first call and the last call you make if you’re hoping to sell an older, smaller house in South Tampa.

Before you spend thousands on updates, repairs, or agree to spend up to 9% on commissions and fees… you can request an offer from a South Tampa Builder at

Not only will we bring you a fair offer direct from a builder… the buyer will pay for all commissions and closing costs. We also work hard to give you regular updates regarding sale prices to builders, so you know you’re getting a fair deal.

If you have questions about code enforcement fines, late property taxes, trees, zoning, elevation, or anything else that might effect the value of your South Tampa Teardown… just give us a call at 813-784-4199.

We buy houses, lots, and teardowns in South Tampa and can make you a deal in as little as 24-48 hours.

Fill out this fast cash offer form and we’ll give you a call to start the process – your house could be sold in as little as 7-10 days… or we can negotiate up to 30 days after closing so have time to move.

We’re also able to answer any questions you might have on real estate in general.

Robert Wilson
EXIT Bayshore Realty

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