Moving in a Hurry? Don’t Worry!

Anyone that’s moved even once in their life knows that the process is a lengthy and complicated mess.

From packing boxes and scheduling professional movers to finding and financing the ideal future home, moving is a dreaded experience that stresses many homeowners.

With meticulous planning and enough savings to cover moving costs, the process can become less stressful and more efficient.

But what if a homeowner doesn’t have that much time, energy, and money to simplify the moving process; how do they manage while moving in a hurry?

sell to cash buyers when you're moving in a hurry

Moving in a Hurry

The South Tampa real estate market is often in a fluctuating state that constantly and sporadically changes for sellers. Predicting these changes can seem near impossible. Unless you have raw insight into the industry, guessing when the real estate market will favor buyers or sellers is unreliable.

However, some homeowners can make sound predictions about the market’s viability and favoritism based on past real estate market cycles and other situational circumstances.

Often times, property sellers who own an older home, are forced to sell in rapid fashion due to the effects of extreme deferred maintenance. An older home with code enforcement violations, roof leaks, electrical problems, or plumbing issues can quickly become unlivable.

Letters to Buy My House

A seller who is now moving in a hurry, can find plenty of quick cash offers in the market, or so it seems. The letters come every day… but who can you trust to treat you fairly when you need to sell your home to have the resources to make a move happen?

Tips on Attracting Buyers Who Are Builders

Homeowners can’t just depend on the real estate market’s favorability when needing to know how to move and sell house fast. Sellers will be most successful with a well-designed plan that includes catering to buyers… if you own an older smaller home in South Tampa, you might wish to expand your buyer plan to include local builders.

Being aware of the techniques and tactics associated with attracting different types of buyers will give sellers that are moving in a hurry a leg up on the competition.

In any market, making your home the most appealing property to buyers will ensure a quick sale.

you need to get seller's attention if you're moving in a hurry

The first tip to attracting the right buyer is implemented before even listing the property. It involves finding a balanced asking price with the goal to entice prospective buyers.

Many REALTORS believe overpricing the home will allow the seller to negotiate for more money than the house is worth; on the other hand, some agents advise to list under market value to pique buyer’s interest and guarantee a speedy sale.

Underpricing the property also might lead to a bidding war that will drive the price back up. However, in some cases, bidding wars can lead to buyer’s remorse, canceled contracts, and a serious obstacle to a speedy move.

At the end of the day, it might be more efficient to find a balance between the two to sell your home quickly.

Buyers are savvy with home prices and values, especially when researching comparable in similar neighborhoods. However, properties with major repair issues can be tough to price properly due to the cost of repairs and updates, and the inherent risk involved in starting a major home improvement project. Costs can rise quickly and many of the cash offers out in the market place will reflect this risk by requiring a substantial discount.

Builders don’t need to concern themselves with fluctuations in repair costs… because they will be demolishing the property after closing. It is often times much easier to get a fair offer from a builder, especially if the builder is buying in South Tampa and you have set a fair price based on lot value.

Sometimes builders will pass on making any offer… if they feel their offer would be an insult to the property owner.

Quickest Way to Sell a House

Homeowners needing to sell fast have few options. They either rely on the market’s favorability or they implement some key selling techniques to attract prospective buyers. But there is another solution that will allow them to sell and move faster than the options above: selling to a South Tampa Builder.

Builders are similar to investors and we buy houses companies, in that all are professional buyers that seek out sellers that need to move in a hurry. Typically, these expert buyers seek out older properties, properties that appear to be abandoned, or in desperate need of repairs.

Homes that need major repairs are especially appealing to builders and investors. Buyers looking for repair projects will often make offers due to the potential for profit as the home will be resold after extensive renovations.

In many cases, builders can out bid those same investors on smaller homes, or homes that have extensive damage that will have a big impact on the buyer of a rehab and their ability to buy, fix, and flip the property for a profit.

For sellers that have damaged homes but still want to move on as quickly as possible, contacting South Tampa Teardowns in order to get an offer from a South Tampa Builder can save time and money.

Some of our builders have the ability to close within a week, others will allow you up to 30 days to move after closing. These builders know that they are competing with other cash buyers, and are happy to make fair offers based on the market value of the land in your neighborhood… while helping you solve problems relating to needing to move quickly.

This can shave months off of the traditional sales process involving listing the home, showing the home, inspections, repair quotes, repair negotiation, financing etc.

This can shave months off of the traditional sales process involving listing the home, showing the home, inspections, repair quotes, repair negotiation, financing etc.

My name is Robert Wilson, I’m the Director of Dirt with South Tampa Teardowns and EXIT Bayshore Realty in South Tampa. By working with me and my builder partners, we dramatically reduce the complicated paperwork and minute details to of what can be lengthy selling process, allowing the seller to move as soon as conveniently possible.

For homeowners wanting to learn how to move and sell house fast, selling to a builder is often the best solution available with the least amount of effort.

Moving in a Hurry? Don’t Worry!

Moving in a Hurry


Homeowners can feel rushed and be susceptible to making costly mistakes when moving in a hurry. They might not be able to attract the ideal buyers by fixing up their home. They might also spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on repairs that only scratch the surface of what would need to be done to get top dollar on the retail real estate market.

Time constraints might keep them from comparing neighborhood homes and listing at a balanced price. Rushed homeowners may not even be able to research local real estate agents and find one most qualified to sell their property. I’ve already helped over 100 families sell lots and teardowns in South Tampa, and put over 30 lots under contract so far this year, and I can help you too.

With South Tampa Teardowns, homeowners needing to sell fast, and for lot value, don’t have to worry about many of the stressors involved in selling their property and can focus on moving on with ease.

Don’t feel pressured to sell your home fast; our builders can buy and close on homes on your timeframe…

Call me today to discuss your situation. 813-784-4199.

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