Selling Rental Property With Tenants in South Tampa

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Selling rental property with tenants is quite common and many landlords are faced with the decision to sell whether they like it or not.

Sell Your Teardown Palma Ceia – Near Roosevelt

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Sell Your Teardown in Palma Ceia with South Tampa Teardowns Do you have an older, smaller home that you are thinking about selling in Palma Ceia? There is a high demand for houses, lots, and teardowns in the area, especially for homes within walking distance of Roosevelt Elementary School. We can help you get an offer quickly and without any of the hassles of paying for commissions, repairs or closing

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Inheriting a House in South Tampa

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While you’ve gained a new property that can drastically improve your standard of living, you’ve also lost a loved one. Making decisions while you’re grieving can seem impossible.

What Builders Are Buying in South Tampa?

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What Builders Are Buying in South Tampa? If you’re considering selling a lot, land, or teardown in South Tampa, you might be thinking of reaching out to some area builders and investors. With that in mind, here is our exclusive list of builders and investors buying in property in South Tampa. We have done our best to provide an extensive list of over 130 buyers who have purchased since the

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Selling a House in Probate in South Tampa, FL

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Unfortunately, selling a house in probate is not an easy process and can be lengthy and somewhat frustrating. There are cases where you can sell a house without probate.

Plant High Graduation – Time to Sell?

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Plant High Graduation – Time to Sell? It’s Graduation Time at Plant High School and if your family was like mine maybe you made some sacrifices to guarantee that your children could attend one of the best schools in the area. Perhaps that meant you moved into a smaller home, an older home, a fixer upper, or a short sale from a few years ago. Maybe you’re stressed about all of

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Need to Sell Near a Busy Street

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No two lots are created equal, and many builders are reluctant to put up new homes near busy streets. They see the potential, but it can be a challenge to attract home buyers to these spots for a variety of reasons. In parts of South Tampa, there are residential roads where upwards of 20,000 cars will pass by on any given day. If you find yourself in the kind of situation where you

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We Buy Houses, Land, & Teardowns in the Ballast Point School District

Posted on: May 10th, 2017 by , No Comments is proud to announce the purchase of this lot in the Bayhill Estate Subdivsion. South of Gandy in the South Tampa Area and the Ballast Point Elementary School District. This particular seller had their vacant lot on the market for a considerable period of time… after a number of conversations we negotiated a fair price with one of our builder partners and closed the sale as agreed. Are you

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Inherited a House? Here Are Your Options!

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What condition is the house in? How much will your expenses be? How much is the house worth? Find how to determine that in this article.

Tampa named ‘Healthiest Housing Market’ by Investopedia

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It can be an exciting time to sell your house, land or teardown in South Tampa. As the housing market continues it’s comeback in our market due to consistent population and employment gains housing prices are continuing to go up according to Investopedia. “Taking the top spot is Tampa. Metro employment is up an impressive 3.1% year over year and has been consistently growing in the 2% to 4% range for

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