Selling a Hoarder House in South Tampa

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Selling a Hoarder House in South Tampa

Family members who are tasked with selling a hoarder’s house are often overwhelmed the challenges of dealing with the property.

One poster on the DC Urban Mom site wrote.

“The house is floor to ceiling stuff, and there are significant leaks and mold in the house (no one knows how bad it is until we clear out some of the stuff).”

Thankfully, there are a wealth of tips online about how to communicate with family members who struggle with hoarding and how to sell a hoarder’s home… it can be expensive and time-consuming to hire a company to help with the cleanout.

If you don’t have the time or the money to complete a professional style cleanout… it might make more sense to sell to a South Tampa builder, especially if you or your family owns an older, smaller home in the area.

What’s the best way to sell a hoarder’s house in South Tampa?

Selling a Hoarder House Like This One

Our builder partners are sometimes the best way to sell hoarder’s property in South Tampa… We will offer a fair price, and in many cases, we can allow extra time after closing to remove personal items that may have some value.

Are you hoping to sell a hoarder’s home in South Tampa?

Give me a call, my name is Robert Wilson, I’m the Director of Dirt at EXIT Bayshore Realty. I helped over 80 families sell more than 100 lots to builders since 2014. I can get you a fair offer… FAST for the land value of the property while respecting you and your family throughout the process.

Hear more about how we helped a local hoarder sell her home…

When you call me at 813-784-4199, make sure you leave a message if I am helping another family with their property, or you can request an offer online at, a proud member of the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce and the Tampa Bay Builders Association.

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  1. A friend of ours is also buying hoarder houses in the Atlanta market. You can find out more at his website