Selling Rental Property to a Builder in South Tampa

Posted on: December 15th, 2017 by , 17,308 Comments

Selling Rental Property to a Builder

This owner had a long-term tenant and a sought after property in a very hot area… when we originally talked we were one the LOWEST offers he had… and he was going to list with an agent anyway.

However, after he ran the numbers and saw that he was paying ZERO for commissions, ZERO for repairs, and ZERO for closing costs… he decided to work with us because our offer actually paid the most money… with the least amount of hassle.

Do you have an older rental with a lot of deferred maintenance? Do you want to avoid paying as much as 9% for commissions, repairs, and other fees on the sale of a property that might be a teardown?

My name is Robert Wilson, and I am the Director of Dirt with EXIT Bayshore Realty in South Tampa. If you think you should sell your property to a builder… I┬ácan help get you a fair offer to sell your house fast in South Tampa.

Call me today at 813-784-4199 or request your offer online at

17,308 Responses

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