Sorry, Patty, I’m one of those guys trying to buy your house in South Tampa

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Sorry, Patty, I’m one of those guys trying to buy your house in South Tampa

From a long-term customer service standpoint, I would love to do business one day with Tampa Bay Times and writer Patty Ryan, even after she wrote an article in late 2017 about all of the unwanted solicitations she gets to sell her old South Tampa bungalow.

I’m one of those guys who mails and calls homeowners in South Tampa to see if they might want to sell their house… and now you can find us on Facebook and YouTube as well. Specifically, I reach out to see if they might like to get a fair offer from one of the builders that I work with as the Director of Dirt with EXIT Bayshore Realty.

Her article that originally appeared on, Please Stop Trying to Buy My House, is an interesting look into the mindset of a property owner who owns an older, smaller house that fits the profile of what an investor or builder might be looking for in South Tampa.

One problem, Patty isn’t ready to sell.

In fact, she’s kind of annoyed by the excessive, and apparently overly dramatic approaches on the part of folks who want to buy her property. The old real estate trainer in me would love to point out how… there really isn’t a good way to handle the objection, “I’m not selling”other than to thank the person for their time and ask permission to check in over the next year or two to see if they things might change.

That said… if Patty is out there reading this, I’m probably going to keep marketing to her and all of the other folks who get annoyed by ads they see online and in their mailbox.

Here are the reasons why…

When people are ready I want to make sure they get a fair offer…

My intent is to be as transparent as possible… in fact on this blog I regularly feature recent sale prices to builders so people can have an idea of what their lot or teardown is worth depending on the size of the lot, and the neighborhood. I’m also very aware that you might call more than one builder… I want to make sure that I match you with the best builder for your property and your situation.

I make sure due diligence happens…

A lot of ‘investors’ will place contracts on a property without making any effort to determine what can actually be built on the home site. On more than one occasion, one of my builders has lost out to a competing offer and 30 or 60 days later the owner has called us back explaining that the other ‘buyer’ who made an offer sight unseen now needs more time… often times this is to complete due diligence that has never even started. Thankfully, in most cases, my builder is ready to step in, but this is often after the seller has had to deal with weeks of stress and unneeded drama.

Sell Your Property to a South Tampa Developer

I always try to visit the property site where my builders are going to write an offer… it’s a benefit to them to know what the neighboring homes look like, what the traffic appears to be, and if there any trees or other issues that will affect what can be built on the property. Unfortunately, a lot of investors do not know what to look for and it can lead to a lot of wasted time for home sellers.

In addition, I have access to online resources that let me know what school districts, current zoning, future land use, and the elevation of the property are… all of these factors can have a big impact on the value of the offer and the time it will take to confirm that what our preliminary review indicates can be built on the property with any local agencies that may be involved.

The greatest offer in the world means nothing to a seller… if the buyer is not prepared to close.

I’ve helped a lot of families when they are ready…

I’m proud of how I’ve helped people sell homes that they have lived in for 30, 40, 50 years… selling over 100 lots since 2014. You can read more about my track record and hear their stories on the About Us page at South Tampa Teardowns. You can also listen to another Patti (this time spelled with an ‘i’)… a happy home seller who I helped earlier this year.

At the end of the day… I have to market, or you’re going to forget I exist. (When it’s time)

I compete with everyone from the countless real estate investors leaving handwritten notes at your door… to mega-agent real estate teams with $1,000,000 ad budgets.

I’m proud to be a specialist who can quickly assess your situation and utilize relationships with local builders to quickly get you an offer at a fair price that allows me to also address any specific issues you might have when you’re ready to sell.

Sell dated rental property to a South Tampa Builder

So if you identify with Patty the writer… I understand… marketing can get overwhelming sometimes. I won’t be offended if you throw my mail in the trash… or keep scrolling past any ads that I might post online.

I do hope that you remember me… and if your thinking that you should sell your house to a builder…  call me at 813-784-4199 or visit my website to request an offer for your South Tampa Teardown.