Stronger Builder Relationships… Stronger Offers from South Tampa Builders

Posted on: October 4th, 2018 by , No Comments

We spent the afternoon at the Tampa Bay Builder Association’s Meet the Builder event… and wanted to share a couple of stories about how maintaining strong relationships with South Tampa Builders has helped us help more families looking to sell a teardown.

Relationships with more quality South Tampa Builders are helping us sell more and more lots in higher price points… and to make sure that we can move fast in an emergency situation where a family could lose a property due to delinquent taxes or other major challenges.

When it’s time to sell your property to a South Tampa Builder… give me a call at 813-784-4199. My name is Robert Wilson, I’m the Director of Dirt with EXIT Bayshore Realty and

I’ll get you a fair offer FAST… from one of my trusted builder partners where you won’t have to worry about commissions, repairs, closing costs, or any of the other hassles involving listing and showing the property. My number is 813-784-4199, or if I’m busy helping another home seller… you can request your offer online at

A proud member of the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce and the Tampa Bay Builders Association.