Testimonial – Getting a Fast Response When Selling to a Builder

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Testimonial – Getting a Fast Response when Selling to a Builder.

Patti and her family had a property to sell that had been lived in for 48 years.

She saw one of our ads on facebook, and called one morning and by the afternoon she had a fair offer from a builder where she wouldn’t need to pay for any commissions, repairs, or closing costs.

She was kind enough to visit with us and give us a great testimonial.

Do you have an older, smaller home in South Tampa?

Are you thinking that it’s a teardown?

Give me a call… My name is Robert Wilson. I’m the Director of Dirt at EXIT Bayshore Realty… I’ll answer the phone just like I did for Patti… or return your message if I’m busy helping another family. I want to get you a fast response when selling to a builder in South Tampa.

My number is 813-784-4199 and you can request your offer online by visiting us at SouthTampaTeardowns.com

A proud member of the Tampa Bay Builders Association and the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce. See more testimonials on our facebook and youtube pages.