Tropical Storm Emily Couldn't Stop South Tampa Teardowns

Tropical Storm Emily Couldn’t Stop South Tampa Teardowns

Tropical Storm Emily Could Not Stop from closing this sale.

Due to unpaid property taxes dating back over three years, this seller had a hard deadline later this week to close this transaction to avoid a pending tax deed foreclosure sale.

This made today’s closing essential to protect the property owner’s equity.

In addition to getting the deal done. We helped the seller negotiate over $55,000 in city code enforcement fines down to about $6,000, and even gave them a few extra days to remove anything of value from the home.

Please share this video if you may have a friend or neighbor who needs to sell their house to a builder and doesn’t want to worry about paying for commissions, repairs, or closing costs.

If you have a property you are hoping to sell… give me a call, my name is Rob Wilson, I’m the Director of Dirt and I specialize in getting lots and teardowns in South Tampa sold fast and for a fair price.

I can be reached at 813-784-4199 or find out more about how we can help at
EXIT Bayshore Realty.

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