Tampa Code Enforcement Liens Negotiated from $55,000 to $6,000

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Imagine the stress of having over $55,000 in City of Tampa code enforcement liens on an abandoned property…

We helped this seller by getting them a very strong, cash offer from a South Tampa Builder and subsequently worked with our title partners to negotiate those City of Tampa Code Enforcement Liens down to $6,000.

In other words, the buyer paid for all commissions, closing costs, and without any attorneys fees helped the seller save $49,000 by reaching out to the right people at the City of Tampa to help negotiate massive code enforcement fines.

Do you have code enforcement liens from the City of Tampa on an abandoned property? Are you thinking of selling to a builder?

My name is Rob Wilson, I’m the Director of Dirt at EXIT Bayshore Realty, and I run a website called SouthTampaTeardowns.com.

If you are just starting to get letters from Tampa Neighborhood Enhancement or have already accumulated big fines due to problems with your property, I can help.

Tampa Code Enforcement Abandoned Property

I can help you get a fair offer from a South Tampa Builder, where the buyer will pay for all commissions, repairs, and closing costs. Our team knows how to both limit and negotiate code enforcement liens with the City of Tampa.

Find out more by calling me today. 813-784-4199 or visit our website to request an offer today at SouthTampaTeardowns.com

If left unaddressed, code enforcement fines can lead to interest accruing liens on your property that must be paid before the property can be sold.

Also, if the city deems it necessary, under the terms of the City of Tampa Ordinances, Chapters 19, 20.5, 23.5, and 27. to mow your lawn, clear debris, or demolish your property the costs can become quite substantial and will be done at the owner’s expense.

Please call me today to discuss your situation, Rob Wilson, I’m the Director of Dirt at EXIT Bayshore Realty. 813-784-4199. SouthTampaTeardowns.com

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