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Get a no obligation consultation and a fair, cash offer for your home based on the value of the land!

  • Get a FAST, FAIR, CASH offer.
  • Avoid the hassles of listing and showing the home.
  • You won't pay commissions, repairs or closing costs!

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Get a fast, fair, cash offer!

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How it works


Simply scroll down and click on the 'Click Here To Get Started' button. You will be taken to a quick questionnaire about the property you want to sell. Once you submit the information, we will receive it in our inbox.


I will begin a quick analysis on the property and give you a call to schedule a time to come and see the house.


When we meet at the house, I will quickly look at everything, talk about zoning, tree, elevation or possible encroachment issues and share your options. You will quickly get an offer from one of our builders or investors, who typically pay for all commissions, closing costs and repairs. If you like the offer, we will complete an agreement. Closings are handled by a local title company. Once the everything is ready, we close at the title company and you receive your money.

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Who We Are

Robert Wilson, Director of Dirt,

My name is Rob Wilson & I am the Director of Dirt at Exit Bayshore Realty right here in South Tampa. I work with builders and investors who regularly purchase homes with what we call a net offer, and you won't have to pay for any commissions, repairs, or closing costs.

As an experienced agent & builder representative, I love working with home sellers to quickly get fair offers for their properties in South Tampa, West Tampa & The Heights. Our buyers pay the commissions, as well as the other closing costs that are typically paid for by the seller. My goal is to help you get a contract hassle free, where you keep more money, while making the process of selling your property as simple as possible.

While agents typically focus on listing your property, my objective is to get you a fair offer and get it sold. You won't believe how easy it really is to have your house sold and a check in your hand. If you have been thinking 'I need to sell my house in North Hyde Park... and it's a teardown.' I am here to help you get that property sold fast.

No matter why you want to sell your property, whether it's because you've inherited it and don't have a need for it, you no longer want to be a landlord, you have bought another house, the house needs repairs you can't afford or just don't have the desire to make, you can see that the value of your land is simply more than the house, you don't want to pay for commissions, closing costs... or whatever the case may be, I just want to get it sold quickly and for a fair price.

I WORK WITH OTHER REAL ESTATE AGENTS, BROKERS, BUILDERS DEVELOPERS, & INVESTORS. We work together to help property owners like you get fair offers for properties like yours in South Tampa, as well as, West Tampa & The Heights. Our team can quickly get you a cash offer and you won't have to worry about commissions, repairs or closing costs. I am excited to potentially work with you directly OR if you are represented by an agent or broker. Our focus is on improving neighborhoods where we work.

Benefits of Selling To Us

  • 1
    We don't charge you a commission
  • 2
    You won't have to make any costly repairs
  • 3
    You won't need to wait for a qualified buyer
  • 4
    You can get a fair, CASH offer for the value of the land
  • 5
    You won't have to worry about that house any more
  • 6
    You won't have to show the house to dozens of strangers

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What Sellers Say

"You bought our house without hassle and even paid cash and bought it as-is! I could not be happier and have even recommended you to a friend."
Joe Seller