Persistence Pays off for a Seller in Virginia Park

Posted on: May 7th, 2019 by , 17,841 Comments

Carol had been living in her home in the Virginia Park community for 32 years. When she finally found the perfect new home for her family in Valrico, she wanted to sell quickly… but there were several costly repairs that could potentially stall the sale or drive down the selling price.

Fortunately, we had been reaching out to Carol for over two years about her property in Virginia Park. We had already sent over the selling prices of comparable properties nearby, so Carol had an approximate value for her home before we ever set foot on the property. I came by, looked the property over, and we quickly agreed to a price. Watch the video to see how quickly Carol was able to close on both properties – and how happy she was with the process.

At South Tampa Teardowns, we believe selling an older home shouldn’t be a headache. We can provide a fair cash offer from a trusted builder partner. We can help you sell your home without agents, showings, or inspections. Plus, you won’t have to pay for commissions, repairs, or closing costs. That’s why we (politely) continue to reach out to potential sellers – we want to be available to give you a fast, fair offer when you’re ready to sell.

Our offer allowed Carol to buy the home she wanted and eliminated the stress of managing a problem property that needed repairs. She even had time after closing to complete her move – which was especially helpful while sorting through 32 years of acquisitions and memories!

When you’re ready to sell your older, smaller home,  let us know.  Whether you reach out to us today, tomorrow, or next year, we’ll do our best to get you a fair offer with fewer hassles and a fast closing. More smiles, less stress – that’s the South Tampa Teardowns promise!

17,841 Responses

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