Real Buyers & Quick Closings with South Tampa Teardowns

Posted on: May 28th, 2019 by , 17,834 Comments

Eddin had his property under contract with a “buyer” who was a no-show at closing. Frustrated, he decided to take the property off the market while he looked for a new home. Once he found an opportunity to make a move, he gave us a call because he wanted to work with a builder he could trust.

Dealing with fake buyers is a terrible inconvenience, and it can be incredibly costly especially if escrow money and moving deposits are at stake. Eddin didn’t make the same mistake twice. He had found his next home and was ready to sell – this time to a real buyer.

We explained our straightforward process of a fair cash offer from one of our trusted builder partners. We wrapped up the deal in just three weeks. Eddin got a great offer for his home without incurring closing costs, repair costs, or commission payments. He closed the sale of his old property at 10 am and finalized purchase on his new home at 3 pm the same day! Eddin was all smiles at our closing, and we were thrilled that we were able to help him wrap up the process quickly so he could move on to his new property.

My name is Robert Wilson and I’m the Director of Dirt at EXIT Bayshore Realty. I can turn a potentially frustrating sale into a fair offer and peace of mind at closing. If it’s time to sell an older, smaller home in South Tampa… give me a call. You can call me at 813-784-4199 to start the process, or request your offer online at

17,834 Responses

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