Three Quick Questions about City of Tampa Code Enforcement #MNU9

Posted on: February 15th, 2018 by , 17,562 Comments


As part of our adventure with Mayor’s Neighborhood University, we’re meeting some key people in departments where we are talking with many of the same people in the community.

Code Enforcement action is often a sign that a property could be in major disrepair and might be a good candidate for one of our builder partners to purchase.

What should neighbors know about this process? Are fines negotiable in exchange for compliance? Is there any help from the City of Tampa for families who are dealing with tough circumstances associated with a distressed property?

Find out during this quick interview with Jake Slater, Administrator for City of Tampa Neighborhood Enhancement… he knows everyone still calls it Code Enforcement.

If you missed his number at the end of the video it’s (813) 274-5545.

17,562 Responses

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