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Being a landlord is tough. The owner of this property had two nightmare tenants in a row... the first tenant stole all of the appliances. The second tenant didn't pay rent for months.

The property had been her mother's home, and what had been intended to be a blessing was a burden as the owner tried her best to manage the property from out of state.

Candice mentioned after everything was completed, and we had sorted out the title issues relating to the probate of her mother's estate, that the process of selling "was emotionally difficult for me, but you were very personable and accommodating."

In addition to buying the property, and clearing up the title issues. We also agreed to handle any eviction that might be necessary due to the tenants failing to pay rent.

Do you own a rental property in South Tampa, and are you tired of being a landlord? Give me a call, my name is Robert Wilson, I'm the Director of Dirt at EXIT Bayshore Realty and I want to bring you an offer from a South Tampa Builder where you will pay ZERO for commissions, ZERO for repairs, and ZERO for closing costs.

Call me at 813-784-4199, if I am away helping another family like yours, please leave a message or request your offer at

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