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Are your home improvement projects getting out of hand? Has your house suffered damages that are too expensive to fix? Would you like to get rid of it? Why not sell to a South Tampa Builder?

Don't waste any more time, money or energy on that house of yours. Sell your house with me... our builders pay cash and buy property all over South Tampa. You won't have to worry about commissions, repairs or closing costs.

Just fill out the form and you'll receive a fair offer... FAST! Don't spend thousands of dollars on repairs or sign a contract or listing agreement where you could pay 5%, 6%, or as much as 9% in commissions and fees.

My name is Robert Wilson, I'm the Director of Dirt with EXIT Bayshore Realty. Call me today at 813-784-4199, if I'm busy helping another family sell their property, leave me a message or simply complete the form below.

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