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Understanding Save Our Homes Portability… How to Keep Your Property Taxes From Soaring Even if You Sell Your House and Move into a Much Newer, Larger Home

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Learn how some homeowners pay as little as one third the property taxes as people living on the same street because of Florida’s Save Our Homes Law. Then learn how to take advantage of the law.  I have a past customer… we will call her “Jennifer” and she lived in her house in South Tampa for 32 years before it started to fall apart. She had to deal with repairs

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What are lot and teardown prices in Palma Ceia?

Posted on: September 10th, 2018 by , 1 Comment

What are lot and teardown prices in Palma Ceia? If you’re hoping to sell a property to a South Tampa Builder it’s a good idea to research recent comparable sales in your neighborhood to make sure you’re getting a fair price. As a courtesy to future home sellers, we share recent comparable sales to South Tampa builders, to help you get a fair price for your property. Palma Ceia is one of the most popular neighborhoods in

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Recent Sales of Lots and Teardowns to Builders Gandy-Sun Bay South. (East of Dale Mabry)

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Recent Sales of Lots and Teardowns to Builders Gandy-Sun Bay South. South of Gandy & East of Dale Mabry (Updated Aug 2018) As part of our regular updates to our blog we are sharing recent comparable sales prices to South Tampa Builders.  Today, we are going to be posting lot and teardown prices in the Gandy-Sun Bay South Area, bordered by Dale Mabry to the West and MacDill Ave to the

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What are lot and teardown prices in Ballast Point?

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What are lot and teardown prices in Ballast Point? (Updated July 2018) We are always updating teardown prices in Ballast Point and other South Tampa neighborhoods where our trusted builder partners are acquiring property. Today, we are going to continue sharing comparable sales data for lots and teardowns in South Tampa in the Ballast Point Neighborhood, bordered by MacDill Ave to the West, Bayshore Blvd. to the East, Gandy Blvd. to the

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When Carol Found the Perfect Home… She Called Us to Sell in Virginia Park

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Carol always thought… “Where would I go?” She would get mail from us from time to time… and while the thought of selling her home that was accumulating lots of maintenance issues was attractive she didn’t know where she would ultimately move. That started to change when I sent her some recent sales a few months ago… similar to what you can see at with this information it made it

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Listed on Zillow… Now Sold to a South Tampa Builder!

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This seller started with a For Sale By Owner sign and a free listing on Zillow. While he got lots of calls… and a lot of low ball offers… other ‘buyers’ didn’t seem real at all and never put anything in writing. That’s when he got one of our cards in the mail and he called us at We quickly put together a sensible offer with a fair price

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1031 Exchange – Deferring Capital Gains Taxes

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A 1031 Exchange allows property owners to defer payment of capital gains taxes by taking the proceeds from the sale of one investment property, placing them in a special escrow account and purchasing a new property. We helped this property owner get a great price from one of our local builder partners and referred them to a 1031 exchange company that allowed them to roll their profits into another property

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For Sale By Owner – Sold to a South Tampa Builder

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We met Brent and Walt, father and son, after they posted a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) sign in the front yard of their South Tampa property in the Interbay Neighborhood near MacDill Air Force Base. Here is what they had to say about working with me and our builder partners. It took some negotiating, but we settled on a fair price that allowed the son to purchase a new property

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How much are Bayshore Beautiful teardowns selling for?

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How much are Bayshore Beautiful teardowns selling for to South Tampa Builders? Today, we are going to continue sharing recent sales to builders in South Tampa and focus on the Bayshore Beautiful Area. This area’s proximity to Bayshore Boulevard makes it one of the most popular neighborhoods in South Tampa for redevelopment among South Tampa Builders. Just scroll down to see the recent sale prices in subdivisions popular with builders like Oakland

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Just Sold in Swann Estates – 33609 – South Tampa Teardowns 813-784-4199

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Our builder partners are looking to buy in 33609. Are you hoping to sell a small house, lot, or teardown to a builder in Swann Estates or just on the other side of Lois in Beach Park? We have buyers looking in your neighborhood. My name is Robert Wilson, I’m the Director of Dirt with EXIT Bayshore Realty. I want to bring you an offer for your property where you

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