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Recent Sale Prices to Builders North Bon Air (North of Kennedy Between Dale Mabry & Lois)

Posted on: December 5th, 2019 by , 17,663 Comments

Recent Sale Prices to Builders North Bon Air (North of Kennedy Between Dale Mabry & Lois) We got a comment on one of our blog posts a little while ago looking for updates on lot and teardown prices North of Kennedy between Lois Ave and Dale Mabry in the North Bon Air neighborhood With that in mind…  I wanted to post an update on sales in this neighborhood which is

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Everything was all wet in Bayshore Beautiful

Posted on: June 1st, 2019 by , 17,601 Comments

Everything was all wet in Bayshore Beautiful After Hurrican Irma, the Casperson Family needed a new place to live once the storm put a giant hole in their roof… destroying one of the rooms in their Bayshore Beautiful home. They were thankful to still have power… but part of their house was just about gone. They had another challenge… they needed to decide where they would live. A lot of

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Selling a Hoarder House in South Tampa

Posted on: November 1st, 2018 by , 15,866 Comments

Selling a Hoarder House in South Tampa Family members who are tasked with selling a hoarder’s house are often overwhelmed the challenges of dealing with the property. One poster on the DC Urban Mom site wrote. “The house is floor to ceiling stuff, and there are significant leaks and mold in the house (no one knows how bad it is until we clear out some of the stuff).” Thankfully, there

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Stronger Builder Relationships… Stronger Offers from South Tampa Builders

Posted on: October 4th, 2018 by , 10,343 Comments

We spent the afternoon at the Tampa Bay Builder Association’s Meet the Builder event… and wanted to share a couple of stories about how maintaining strong relationships with South Tampa Builders has helped us help more families looking to sell a teardown. Relationships with more quality South Tampa Builders are helping us sell more and more lots in higher price points… and to make sure that we can move fast in an

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1031 Exchange – Deferring Capital Gains Taxes

Posted on: July 17th, 2018 by , 17,614 Comments

A 1031 Exchange allows property owners to defer payment of capital gains taxes by taking the proceeds from the sale of one investment property, placing them in a special escrow account and purchasing a new property. We helped this property owner get a great price from one of our local builder partners and referred them to a 1031 exchange company that allowed them to roll their profits into another property

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How to Sell the House when Mom or Dad is on Medicaid

Posted on: April 5th, 2018 by , 17,745 Comments

How to Sell the House when Mom or Dad is on Medicaid It’s a story I’ve heard all too often… a home remains abandoned year after year… because a family is under the impression that a property can not be sold without jeopardizing long-term care benefits under Medicaid. While it can be a challenge to liquidate a property in this situation, there are a number of strategies that can help families

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Sold Lot #99 – Helping a Homeowner Sell a Teardown in 3 Weeks

Posted on: March 16th, 2018 by , 14,623 Comments

Helping a Homeowner Sell a Teardown in 3 Weeks Since 2014, when we started helping homeowners sell small houses, lots, and teardowns to builders in South Tampa we’ve helped a lot of families. In fact, we’ve been going through our records and it looks like we will be celebrating our 100th closed lot in just a few weeks… and today we helped family #70 sell lot #99 to a builder.

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Changes to the City of Tampa Tree Ordinance

Posted on: March 1st, 2018 by , 17,797 Comments

Exciting news today at City Hall regarding the Tampa Tree Ordinance The Tampa Bay Builders Association presented an ordinance to amend the City of Tampa Tree Ordinance the code concerning tree removal and replacement. This amendment, shared here, will eliminate protections for trees that prohibit building on smaller residential lots in the City of Tampa. Proposed Amendment – City of Tampa Tree Removal and Replacement Today Tampa City Council passed

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Working with a Trusted Builder to Sell Your Home

Posted on: January 11th, 2018 by , 17,640 Comments

Why is it important to work with a trusted builder and South Tampa Teardowns? This family had to close on their new house Friday afternoon. We worked with our title company to make sure the paperwork was completed a day early on Thursday… the sale of the old home was fully funded Friday by one of our trusted builder partners that morning and the money was available for the new

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When a contract is canceled, or a sale fails to close…

Posted on: December 28th, 2017 by , 17,836 Comments

When a contract is canceled, or a sale fails to close… It can be a challenging time to figure out what went wrong or what to do next if you’re looking to sell a teardown in South Tampa. Believe it or not, when you decide to sell your South Tampa property you might be approached by ‘buyers’ or ‘investors’ who actually have no intention of taking possession of your property… How

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