Recent Sales to Builders in Virginia Park & Maryland Manor (Teardown Comps in South Tampa)

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Recent Sales to Builders in Virginia Park & Maryland Manor (Updated through April 2019) If you’re thinking about selling a property to a South Tampa Builder you will want to make sure that you’re getting a fair price. One of the best tools you can have to accomplish this goal is having recent comparable sales to South Tampa builders available for review. If you would like a fair offer based on

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Is Your Buyer… Really a Buyer?

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Imagine this scenario: You’re ready to sell your home. You offer it at a reasonable price and almost immediately, a buyer comes along with a great offer. Excited, you accept the offer and set a closing date. This is really happening! Then, as the closing date looms near, the buyer calls and asks for a 30-day extension… and another extension… and yet another extension. By now it’s been three months

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Unraveling a Fake Foreclosure While Negotiating Code Enforcement Liens

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When we first met Mai Holley and her family they weren’t even sure if they owned a house that had been abandoned for several years. A fake foreclosure action, combined with thousands of dollars in code enforcement liens created an ominous situation where they didn’t know if they would get any money out of the property. At, our goal is to provide sellers with a simple transaction with less

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Coming Soon… Serving South Tampa Seniors

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Having helped over 80 families sell to builders over the last few years we noticed that more and more of the transactions involve issues that touch on everything from probate law, to inheritances, to even retirement planning over multiple generations. With that in mind, we will be launching a new show across Facebook, Youtube and our blog in the coming days…. Serving South Tampa Seniors will be where we meet

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Sorry, Patty, I’m one of those guys trying to buy your house in South Tampa

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Sorry, Patty, I’m one of those guys trying to buy your house in South Tampa From a long-term customer service standpoint, I would love to do business one day with Tampa Bay Times and writer Patty Ryan, even after she wrote an article in late 2017 about all of the unwanted solicitations she gets to sell her old South Tampa bungalow. I’m one of those guys who mails and calls homeowners

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9.09 Reasons Families Sell to South Tampa Builders

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We wanted to share some of the reasons that families are working with our team to get their properties sold for a fair price to a South Tampa Builder. If you’re in one of these situations, you should know that you’re not the only one and we can help.

Testimonial – Getting a Fast Response When Selling to a Builder

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Testimonial – Getting a Fast Response when Selling to a Builder. Patti and her family had a property to sell that had been lived in for 48 years. She saw one of our ads on facebook, and called one morning and by the afternoon she had a fair offer from a builder where she wouldn’t need to pay for any commissions, repairs, or closing costs. She was kind enough to

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Selling a Hoarder House in South Tampa

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Selling a Hoarder House in South Tampa Family members who are tasked with selling a hoarder’s house are often overwhelmed the challenges of dealing with the property. One poster on the DC Urban Mom site wrote. “The house is floor to ceiling stuff, and there are significant leaks and mold in the house (no one knows how bad it is until we clear out some of the stuff).” Thankfully, there

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Stronger Builder Relationships… Stronger Offers from South Tampa Builders

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We spent the afternoon at the Tampa Bay Builder Association’s Meet the Builder event… and wanted to share a couple of stories about how maintaining strong relationships with South Tampa Builders has helped us help more families looking to sell a teardown. Relationships with more quality South Tampa Builders are helping us sell more and more lots in higher price points… and to make sure that we can move fast in an

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Understanding Save Our Homes Portability… How to Keep Your Property Taxes From Soaring Even if You Sell Your House and Move into a Much Newer, Larger Home

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Learn how some homeowners pay as little as one third the property taxes as people living on the same street because of Florida’s Save Our Homes Law. Then learn how to take advantage of the law.  I have a past customer… we will call her “Jennifer” and she lived in her house in South Tampa for 32 years before it started to fall apart. She had to deal with repairs

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